Lawn and Garden

Case Study — Lawn and Garden — Seat Assembly

Problem: Reduce manufacturing cost by 12% and improve the overall quality of the product.

As a leader in the agriculture industry, we recently approached Cedar Lake Metal Solutions to help us manufacture and redesign our seat assembly and eliminate the quality problems we were having with another supplier. The problem was the quality and cost of our product. Our team of engineers met with Cedar Lake Metal Solutions. They immediately began their assessment of the product and searched for areas of improved design. Their hands-on approach to understanding our needs reassured us that they were the best partner and manufacturer to produce this product while achieving our goals of reducing the cost and increasing the product quality.

Solution: Implement a process to ensure the highest quality parts throughout the metal stamping, laser cutting, machining, and assembly processes.

Through closer examination, Cedar Lake Metal Solutions observed that one of the parts could be re-engineered using metal stamping and forming, eliminating unneeded steps and parts. This change increases the overall quality and strength of our product and eliminates the need for additional welding and producing separate parts. Cedar Lake Metal Solutions helped us achieve an 8% cost down with this change while increasing the quality of our product.

With our cost 8% below our goal, Cedar Lake Metal Solutions continued to search for ways to reduce our costs. Cedar Lake Metal Solutions approached us again after the first production run with another cost-saving idea. They presented us with the idea of having them fully assemble the product in-house to ensure the highest quality and unwanted costs from other suppliers. With Cedar Lake Metal Solutions’ production and assembly team, we reduced costs by an additional 12%. We were also able to reduce our in-house inventory and lead times by utilizing Cedar Lake Metal Solutions’ min/max stocking program. We were able to always reduce our inventory numbers from four weeks of inventory to two days of inventory.

Processes Used:

Cedar Lake Metal Solutions utilized metal stamping, laser cutting, robotic welding, CNC machining, metal finishing, and an inventory stocking program. With an in-house production assembly team, Cedar Lake Metal Solutions was able to eliminate waste with their creative design assembly. Cedar Lake Metal Solutions improved product quality while reducing our costs.

Summary: Cedar Lake Metal Solutions helped us meet and exceed our goals

  • Total cost savings 20%
  • Quality greatly improved to 0 defects
  • Reduced our inventory and lead time

Why choose Cedar Lake Metal Solutions?

Cedar Lake Metal Solutions is a true partner. They will work with you one on one to understand your needs and help achieve your manufacturing goals. Cedar Lake Metal Solutions specializes in metal stamping, metal forming, laser cutting, CNC machining, engineering, assembly production, and more.

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