Tinkering Around at Home

Why is it that so many success stories start in a garage? From billion-dollar tech companies to legendary rock bands, so many of the very best start out at home. The simple answer is probably because we tend to do what we love at home. In the late 1970s, Stephen A. Paumen loved tinkering around at home, and it was a time when wire EDM (Electronic Discharge Machine) was changing the way stamping and dies were built. Steve eventually combined the efficiencies of EDM with his own creative tooling concepts, and by 1980, he was running Cedar Lake Metal Solutions out of, you guessed it—his garage. Now located in Maple Lake, MN, Cedar Lake Metal Solutions has over 75,000 square feet of facilities to meet your metal stamping and laser-cutting needs. And while we’ve moved on from Steve’s garage, we’ve brought his love of manufacturing with us.


Our People Make the Difference

At Cedar Lake Metal Solutions, we understand that the people make a difference. From our CEO, whose vision guides us, to our dedicated office staff who take and fulfill orders, to the people in production who work hard to manufacture each and every one of your parts to exact standards, we’ve all bought into the vision Steve Paumen created way back when in his garage.

Our Number One Goal

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at Cedar Lake Metal Solutions, and we combine speed, quality, and a continued investment in new technology to achieve that goal time and time again. We’re dedicated to exploring creative solutions to reduce tooling costs, and we insist upon the highest level of accuracy in all the work we do. This gets to the heart of what makes us successful: our unending commitment to and understanding of our customer’s own distinct and unique needs.

What Solution Can We Create For you?